The wine industry of Long Island, New York has existed for a period of just over four decades and has received much-deserved attention from oenophiles and tourists alike. The first commercial vineyard was planted in 1973, but the region has a heritage of farming that pre-dates the arrival of European colonists, as its soil and climate provides great conditions for growing many vegetables and fruits through most of the year, including vitis vinifera, otherwise known as the common grape vine.

This coming Saturday, our friends at the New York Adventure Club are hosting a behind-the-scenes look at the winemaking process this Saturday in Long Island’s Wine Country. With visits to three of the region’s award-winning wineries, this is a chance to discover how Long Island vintners have produced wines with trademark tastes. The weather is still looking nice, so it’s a great weekend to get out of the city.

A ticket to this event includes a discussion and tour with the General Manager of Sparkling Pointe, a private tasting of limited edition wines with Macari Vineyards and a tour of its barrel and cellar room, vineyard, and farm animals. There will also be a discussion with a winemaker from Martha Clara Vineyard, who will also show us the history of Long Island’s unique terrain. Coach bus transportation to and from Manhattan and Brooklyn will also be provided.

See what makes Long Island’s burgeoning Wine Country succeed and purchase tickets for this adventure here.