NY-pixels-invader-untappedcities-nyc.07 AMImage via Instagram user @InvaderWasHere

The last time French street artist, Invader, was in New York, he left quite a mark on the city with his 8-bit street art mosaics. After posting an Instagram of a mosaic with the letters NY, there has been quite a buzz about when he’ll first strike in the city again. Finally, yesterday, we caught a glimpse of his first tags in none other than Bushwick, Brooklyn.

While his work is easily recognizable, spotting Invader himself will be much more difficult. Like his British counterpart, Banksy, who also left New York in a frenzy during his last residency in the city, Invader chooses to remain anonymous. In an interview with The-Talks, Invader said not even his parents know his true identity. “They think [he’s] working as a construction tiler.” In fact, the only people who know he really is are people that assist him on projects.

We’re very excited Invader’s returned to the Big Apple, after his coup of getting an Invader piece onto the International Space Station. Fans can submit pictures to Invader’s website and receive points for the photos. We’ll also be tracking his new pieces with photos and map locations and updating this article. Let’s hope this time he doesn’t get in any trouble with the NYPD!

NY_149: Joey Ramone

Joey-Ramone-2-Bushwick-Collective-UntappedCities-NYC-Invader.57 AM82 Gardner Avenue, Brooklyn. Image via Instagram user TheBushwickCollective 

Invader first strikes with a giant, pixelated portrait of Joey Ramone in Bushwick. Some Ramone fans complain that Joey should’ve been tagged in Queens as Joey grew up in Forest Hills. However, it appears Invader is in cahoots with the Bushwick Collective, whom he tagged in his Instagram post.

Johnny-Ramone-Invader-UntappedCities-Bushwick-NYC .33 AM82 Gardner Avenue, Brooklyn. Image via Instagram user InvaderWasHere

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