6. Edgar Allen Poe Used to Row and Swim Here

Southern tip of Roosevelt Island (right)

Edgar Allan Poe lived here for a short time before 1846, and often swam and rowed a small boat from Turtle Bay to the nearby Blackwell’s Island. He was also a neighbor to the writer and politician Horace Greeley at the time, and mourned the nearing destruction of natural landscape.

Poe wrote about his experiences in Turtle Bay cove for the Columbia Spy newspaper, saying, “I procured a light skiff and made my way around Blackwell’s Island on a voyage of discovery and exploration. The chief interest lay in the scenery of the Manhattan shore, which is here particularly picturesque. The houses are, without exception, frame and antique…I could not look on the magnificent cliffs and stately trees, which at every moment met my view, without a sigh for the inevitable doom–inevitable and swift.”