13. Little India in Jackson Heights, Queens

Jackson Heights_Queens_NYC_bhushan mondkar_Untapped Cities-002Shops in Little India in Jackson Heights, Queens

Jackson Heights is situated in the northwestern portion of Queens. Like many neighborhoods in Queens, Jackson Heights has historically seen influxes of various ethnic groups settling into the area. Prepare to be dazed by the plentiful sight of garments, especially the colorful saris adorned by the neighborhood’s Indian women in Little India. The many savory aromas in the air are also certain to arouse hunger.

Considering the abundant locales and eateries, Jackson Heights doubles as a global ethnic market. While walking down Roosevelt Avenue—the neighborhood’s busiest commercial thoroughfare—you’ll find Indian restaurants juxtaposed with Colombian diners that sit next to Mexican taco shops. Among the most popular restaurants is the famous Jackson Diner specializing in Indian cuisine. Their Tandoori specials are not to be overlooked by visitors.

Along with the more familiar chain stores we can also find an excess of foreign mom and pop shops. The Butala Emporium serves as a great resort for an Indian souvenir. You’ll be delighted by their extensive selection of Indian clothing, incense, prints, instruments, Bollywood films, etc.