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The New York City skyline is getting a major face lift. By 2020, the city will have almost 40 new skyscrapers above 700 feet. While we’ve already compiled a list of the 10 tallest buildings in the City that either exist or are planned, National Geographic has recently reimagined New York City’s skyline with these various new planned and proposed skyscrapers. There are currently 15 new buildings higher than 700-feet being built in Manhattan and 19 other proposed. With this fun interactive map, you can explore the new developments of New York’s ever changing skyline. Light blue represents buildings that were completed from 2004 to 2015; orange represents buildings that are under construction; and yellow represents proposed projects.

world-trade-center-complex-untappedcities-nyc-skyline.31 PMWorld Trade Center Complex

One of the biggest developments happening in New York is of course the World Trade Center Complex. Around the September 11th memorial is One World Trade Center, standing at the symbolic 1,776 feet. The second tallest of the buildings, the Bjarke Ingels designed 2 WTC, is projected to be finished in 2020. It will stand at 1,323 feet.

hudson-yards-complex-untappedcities-nyc-skyline.33 PMHudson Yards 

As we’ve previously covered, the Hudson Yards project will also drastically change the West Side of Manhattan. Hudson Yards, said to be one of the most difficult engineering projects in the city, costs $20 billion and is the largest private development in the country. The new buildings will be filled with offices and luxury condos, retail space, as well as sustainable green areas, all situated above one of the busiest rail yards in the United States.The tallest among these new buildings is 30 Hudson Yards, which will stand at 1,268 feet upon completion in 2019.

billionaires'-row-57th-street-corridor-untappedcities-nyc-skyline.38 PMBillionaires’ Row

Then we have the new “Billionaires’ Row” on 57th Street Corridor, which includes buildings like 432 Park, One57, the Nordstrom tower (Central Park Tower) and the ultra-skinny tower by SHoP Architects.  According to National Geographic, “a penthouse in One57 sold for $100.4 million in 2015, the most ever paid for a single residence in the city.” The new skyscrapers will over look Central Park and downtown Manhattan. Central Park Tower, projected to stand at 1,550 feet, will scoot in as the second tallest building in the city when it’s finished in 2019.

Next, read about the 10 tallest buildings in New York City that are either existing, planned or proposed.

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