6. Kazimiroff Nature Trail in Pelham Bay Park, The Bronx

If 13 miles of shoreline, marshes, meadows, and forests, accompanied by the sights of red-tailed hawks and Japanese honeysuckle sounds appealing, then the Kazimiroff Nature Trail in Pelham Bay Park is the right place for you. Luckily, it’s just a quick ride to the last stop of the 6 train.

The trail winds through 189 acres of Hunter Island and gives you two options: the Red Trail or Blue Trail (which is the longer of the two). It goes through the heart of its forest, its exterior wetland region, and the shore of Orchard Beach.

Along the way are side trails that lead to the “Gray Mare” (a large glacial boulder that the Siwanoy Indians used to perform ceremonies on), a glacial erratic and the shore of Twin Island. You can read a guide to the trails here.