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Affordable Housing: A New York Legacy is an impressive, comprehensive exhibit that showcases New York City’s leading role in the affordable housing movement since the 19th century. While we shared with you a walkthrough with the curator, Thomas Mellins recently, here are 10 surprising things you should not miss in this compelling exhibit:

1. Vintage Art Deco Posters

Mellins tells us that the reproductions of Art Deco style posters made by the Works Progress Administration in the 1930s are “some of the more colorful things in the show. What I love about them, besides the fact that I think that they’re handsome, is that you can see that there was this idea that every idea known to man was going to be solved by decent housing.” “Planned Housing Fights Disease,”reads one, “Cure juvenile delinquency in the sums by planned housing,” says another, and “The Solution to Infant Mortality in the Slums: Better Housing,” are among the many featured.