14. Secret Central Park Holiday Tree Dedicated to the Memory of Dogs

Central Park Dog Tree Ramble 2014 Untapped Cities AFineLyneThe above photo is of mid-December 2014, filled with lamented photos of loving pets 

For all of us who have ever lost a pet, we know how big a place in they continue to occupy long after they’re gone. A few years ago, we heard a rumor that there was a place deep within Central Park‘s Ramble where people who lost their pets gathered to hang mementos on a tree. We found the tree, and the people who keep this tradition alive. As we have done the past two years, we got lost before we finally found the tree, and we were delighted to see that two laminated photos were prominently displayed on the branches right in front, with many more to come when the tree gets dedicated again in December.

Dog Tree Central Park Nov 28 2015 Untapped Cities AFineLyneSo far this Holiday Season, two ornaments laminated with photos of treasured pets

The group of people wish to keep the location secret, which makes sense with the nature of the memorial.I t is a place where people come to remember and to share their memories with others in the group. It is also a place to sit and quietly reflect. But if you would like to participate in memory of your pet, take a wander into the ramble.

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