5. Vocal New York on World AIDS Day

Vocal New York has been working to prevent homelessness for thousands low-income New Yorker’s living with HIV/AIDS and their families through state affordable housing bill since 2006. New York’s rental assistance program for low-income and homeless people living with HIV/AIDS denies tenants an affordable housing protection, capping their rent at 30% of income.

The HIV/AIDS Services Administration (HASA) current policy forces them into homelessness because they cannot afford their rent. Many are unable to save enough each month for the rent, falling into arrears and ending up back in the emergency shelter system. Homelessness and unstable housing are serious recurring issues facing people living with HIV/AIDS, and is a focus of Vocal New York. Lighting The Candle will take place on December 1 from 2 pm to 4 pm, in an effort to shine a light on this problem. The event will be located at 80 Fourth Avenue, between Bergen and St. Marks in Brooklyn. In addition, Vocal New York will also be at the Worlds AIDS Day at The Apollo Theater.

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One thought on “10 NYC Events to Celebrate of World AIDS Day 2015 on December 1

  1. Great!
    celebrating World AIDS Day is the best initiative for encouraging HIV positive victim to live stress free and healthy life as much as possible. Such event are very essential for spreading awareness in society about the HIV/AIDS facts, risk, Myths ,treatments & Prevention for HIV/AIDS free society. So, celebrate this world aids day by taking the inspiration from above discuss event and initiate to words the HIV/AIDS free society because this small change can make the big difference…!!
    Thanks for your valuable share.

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