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Jessica Jones, the second Netflix series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, premiered on the streaming service a few weeks ago to great acclaim. Like Daredevil, the first Marvel Netflix series, whose film locations we covered earlier this year, Jessica Jones takes place in New York City. After devouring all 13 episodes and researching everything from where Jessica lives, including her favorite neighborhood bar, we picked out our favorite NYC film locations for Marvel’s Jessica Jones.

Season 2:

1. Pomodoro Ristorante & Pizzeria

In the opening of season two, Jessica Jones is doing some P.I. work for a pizza store owner who suspects that her boyfriend, the pizza delivery guy who she’s about to make manager, is cheating on her. That pizza joint is Pomodoro Ristorante &  Pizzeria, located in Nolita at 51 Spring Street on the corner of Spring and Mulberry streets. The grub spot has been in this location since 1985.

Things go a little awry when the woman asks Jessica to kill the boyfriend and Jessica’s buttons are pushed.

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2 Responses
  1. Season 3 ep 7 (Wappinger’s Falls) was actually shot in Piermont, NY.
    The town hall is the actual Town Hall for Piermont.

  2. Agent00Soul Reply

    The apartment that Kilgrave takes over while his dad works on a power boosting drug is located at 270 Broadway. Nowadays it’s a luxury condo, but it’s claim to fame was as the original headquarters of the Manhattan Project (the 18th floor to be specific): the US government’s program to build the a-bomb. A propos that its the spot where Kilgrave tries to become an ultimate weapon himself.

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