Games & Puzzles

21. Cards Against Urbanity

cards-against-urbanity-untappedcities-nyc-gift-guide.24 PMImage via Kickstarter

Playing off the popular party game, Cards Against Humanity, Cards Against Urbanity uses the same concept only applying it to urbanite situations and problems. Some examples include “They now award LEED points for ______” and “My city’s lastest economic plan includes_______” with answers ranging from “Vespa share” to “Brad Pitt pretending to be an architect.” The best part is, you can download and print out this hilarious game for free here.

22. 4D Cityscape Time Puzzle of New York

This puzzle is a must for anyone who loves history, New York, maps or jigsaws. As you assemble this 4D puzzle of Manhattan, you create and shift the New York City Skyline as it changes over history. It comes with 132 replica models of various New York city landmarks. You can order the skyline of New York or other famous cities like London and Paris, online here. To explain how these insanely cool puzzles work, take a look at this video below:

22. New York Graffiti Puzzle

For graffiti-loving puzzlers, we’ve got just the thing for you! Just like graffiti of New York, these 300 piece puzzles zig and zag, are multi-layered and often don’t make any sense, making it difficult task for even an expert jigsaw-er. And the best part is, the puzzle comes in a spray paint can packaging! You can order one of these unique puzzles here.

12. NYC Skyline in Lego

The New York City lego set, the first of the company’s skyline series is made of 598 pieces and contains replicas of the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Flatiron Building and 1 World Trade Center. It doesn’t go to market until January 1st however…