3. Material Arrives and Leaves by Barge, Rail and Truck


The collected materials are dropped off by both barge and truck (about 60% by barge). Material from Queens and the Bronx mostly arrives by barge, and material from Brooklyn arrives directly by truck. Processed materials leave by truck, rail and barge float. 

Fun fact: All tin cans leave the facility by rail. Approximately once a week, New York New Jersey Rail picks up 2 to 4 rail cars full of cans crushed into cubes. It then pulls those cars down through Sunset Park to 65th Street Railyard, where it puts those cars onto a “carfloat” (basically, a barge with tracks on the deck). The carfloat is pulled by a tugboat to a railhead in Jersey City, NJ, where the cars are taken off an sent on their way to points west.