full-view-gangs-of-nyc-untappedcities-nydailynews.48 PMScreenshot of ‘Gangs of NYC’ map. View of five boroughs

New York’s gang history is old as the city itself. When you take a look at some of the histories of New York’s streets and neighborhoods, you can often find traces of violence and criminal organization sprinkled throughout time. The notorious Five Points in lower Manhattan during the 19th century became popular in American culture after Martin Scorsese’s Gangs of New York. However, did you know Hell’s Kitchen was home to several gangs around the same time period? Or that the Doyers Street Tunnel in Chinatown was nicknamed “The Bloody Angle” because so many gangs used the location as an assassination point?

While it’d be pleasant to think that these gangs and their influence over the city have eroded with time, New York Daily News has just released a new interactive map,”Gangs of NYC and How Close You Live to Them,” that allows you see which gangs, active and inactive, exist around New York’s five boroughs.

drop-down-menu-gangs-of-nyc-untappedcities-fun-maps.47 PMScreenshot of gang drop down list 

As reported by the Daily News, the map highlights that “gangs and street crews can be found in every pocket of the city, according to this map based on information provided by the NYPD. Clearly, not everyone in these areas are in a gang, but their territories bleed over many neighborhoods. Are you on their turf? Find out.” The map allows you to either choose a gang you’d like to track or zoom in on an area and see what gangs surround that precinct.

brooklyn-gangs-of-nyc-untappedcities.14 PMScreenshot of Brooklyn gangs

jackson-heights-untappedcities-gangs-of-nyc.45 PM-001Screenshot of Queens gangs

Areas that seemed to be the most affected by gangs are Brooklyn’s East Flatbush and Marcus Garvey Village, outside of Queens’ Jackson Heights, and scattered parts of upper Manhattan and Harlem. Some areas, like the Williamsburg Bridge, are straddled by multiple gangs. For example, on the Manhattan side of the Bridge, the Stack Gang/Block Boys reside whereas the South Side Bullies are reside on the Brooklyn end. Investigate with the map yourself and figure out if your neighborhood is home to any gangs.

stack-gang-block-boys-gangs-of-nyc-untappedcities.35 PMScreenshot of Williamsburg Bridge

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