6. New York Herald Tribune on West 40th Street

Former Herald Tribune Building, NY Times Building in the Background (2015)

After decades of rivalry, in 1924 the Herald and Tribune merged to create the New York Herald Tribune. The Herald Tribune, which competed against the New York Times, ceased publication in 1966, though its Paris-based edition continued until 2013, when it became the International New York Times.

The Herald Tribune was based at a building variously known as 230 West 41st Street and 225 West 40th Street, near Times Square. The building is still rich with journalistic connections. Now known as 219 West 40th Street, it is home to the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism and is located next door to the current New York Times building. There is a fantastic collection of 15 vintage typewriters on display inside, a gift from the family of Robert E. Dallos, the New York Bureau Chief of the Los Angeles Timesfrom 1978 to 1991.

New York Herald Tribune: Bonus

The old Herald Tribune building has a frame above the entrance on 41st Street, covered with what appears to be years of grime. A close look seems to show some very faded lettering. Is this a remnant from the paper’s past?