7. Evening Post at 20 Vesey Street

Former Evening Post Building, 20 Vesey Street (2015)

Some may quibble with the inclusion of the Evening Post on this list of lost newspapers. The Evening Post never went out of business, but is now the New York Post. However, the paper has changed from an evening broadsheet with a generally liberal outlook to a morning tabloid with a conservative viewpoint. The old Evening Post is no more.

In 1907 the Evening Post constructed a new Art Nouveau style building at 20 Vesey Street, about a block west of Printing House Square. It is now occupied by offices and the 9/11 Memorial Preview Site. The Evening Post left in 1926 and although there are no explicit indications of the building’s newspaper past, the architectural details provide subtle clues.

The letters “EP,” for Evening Post, are incorporated into the railings below the top floor. Other elements, including statues by Mount Rushmore creator Gutzon Borglum, provide symbolic references to printing and communications.