Unless you are currently in a coma, you know what today is. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is now, finally, in theaters. If you aren’t in line right now, you’re probably not even on the Internet, for fear of spoilers from the people who got a sneak peek last week. Star Wars fans around the world are celebrating the return of one of the most beloved and marketable movie franchises in history, and New York City is going that much further. So before or after you become reunited with the Force, check out these seven events celebrating the seventh Star Wars film.

1. Star Wars and The Power of Costume

We won’t find too surprising if we see many people dressing up as their favorite Star Wars characters this weekend. While some people put a lot of effort and time to make their costumes look amazing, there is just something about seeing the real thing. In Star Wars and The Power of Costume Exhibition, currently on display inside Discovery Times Square, you have the opportunity in seeing authentic costumes from all seven Star Wars movies.

There are over 70 hand-crafted costumes in all, ranging from the gown worn by Queen Amidala in the prequels, to Darth Vader’s iconic black suit. You can also can take a picture with BB8, the newest droid to appear in the Star Wars universe. This could be your last chance to see these iconic costumes in person, before Lucas puts them back in the vault.