2. NYC Lightsaber Battle

Whether you first watched Star Wars when at age five, or 25, the first time you saw what a lightsaber (the signature Jedi weapon), you wanted one. While science has failed to make an actual lightsaber, toy companies have made lightsabers that look pretty damn close to reality.

Now having a lightsaber is awesome, but you can’t really live out your Jedi fantasies, unless you have another person with a lightsaber to fight. So while you can’t bring your custom made lightsaber to the theater, you can bring it with you to Washington Square Park for the latest NYC Lightsaber Battle.

This year the event is fan run, so it’s BYOL (bring your own lightsaber). The theme for this battle is the Battle of Hoth, the iconic battle between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance on the ice planet Hoth, in The Empire Strikes Back.