5. It Might Have the Highest Restaurant in New York City

70 Pine-Spire-Renovation-Rose Associates-Restaurant-Lounge-Observation Deck-Urban Exploration-Untapped Cities-NYC_22

As part of the renovation, the former observation deck area in the crown of the building is slated to become a new restaurant. The Rainbow Room might grumble, but if this restaurant goes all the way up to the 66th and highest floor (where the original observatory/lounge is), it looks like it will ll eek out the title for New York’s highest eatery. At structural height of 852 feet (not counting the spire), the highest occupied floor looks to be a smidge taller than the 800-foot high Rainbow Room at 30 Rockefeller Center.

70 Pine-Spire-Renovation-Rose Associates-Urban Exploration-Untapped Cities-NYC_5View from the spire of 70 Pine