7. Artist Juan Hinojosa Creates Blonde Ambition at Materials for the Arts

On the heals of our holiday gift giving, the artist Juan Hinojosa explores the concept of consumerism and the power of brand logos in his colorful exhibit “Blonde Ambition.” The result of a four-month residency at Materials for the Arts, “Blonde Ambition” is a collection of twelve collages made from materials and objects found at MFTAs 35,000 square-foot warehouse. In an eclectic display, materials include high-end products mixed in with such things as candy wrappers and metro cards – putting things that normally don’t go together side-by-side, he reflects on our bad habits of desire and greed.

“Blonde Ambition” will be on view at Materials for the Arts Gallery, 33-00 Northern Boulevard through April 1, 2016. This is a free exhibit with hours Monday through Friday from 10 am to 4 pm.

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