1. Marvin Koner Brings the Hope of A New Land…New Life With His Photographs From 1957

As the United States moves deeper into discussion on the subject of immigration, a photographic essay from the 1950s has re-emerged. The exhibit “New Land…New Life, An Italian Family’s Migration to America,” is a series of vintage photographs by American photojournalist, Marvin Koner (1921-1983), on view at the Keith De Lellis Gallery. Koner, who is best known for his portraits of entertainers in publications like LIFE, Esquire, and Pageant Magazine, was also known for his photographs capturing the struggles and triumphs of the immigrant population. In 1957, Koner traveled to Lucera, Italy to document Carmela De Maria and her three children, as they readied themselves for the long journey to America to be reunited with her husband.

The exhibit “New Land…New Life, An Italian Family’s Migration to America” will be on view through January 16, 2016 at Keith De Lellis Gallery, 1045 Madison Avenue at 80th Street, 3rd floor.

There is still time to view Fata Morgana, Against the Run, Jacob A. Riis and Affordable New York, along with  Luminaries at Brookfield Place, SOFTlab at the Flatiron Public Plaza and Moshe Safdie at The National Academy Museum. And If You Leave Me Can I Come Too? at Hunter East Harlem and Christo at Craig F. Starr Gallery.  Get in touch with the author at AFineLyne.

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