#11. The Heatherwick Studio Exhibit at Cooper Hewitt

1-Heatherwick Studio Garden Bridge London Untapped Cities AFineLyne-001Garden Bridge, London, 2012 proposal for pedestrian bridge across London’s Thames River

Cooper Hewitt has an exhibit showcasing the work of British designer Thomas Heatherwick and his London-based studio. They have been very much in our news lately, for their design work on the futuristic 2.7 acre park being developed off Pier 55. The exhibit brings to life countless unique design concepts throughout the world, from glass and moveable bridges, to unusual buildings and handbags designed for Longchamp. On display is a model of the Learning Hub at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University, the redesign of London’s double-decker buses, known as the new Routemaster, demonstrations of the Rolling Bridge in London, and a look at the Spun Chair, which resembles a spinning top.

1-Heatherwick Studio Boat Untapped Cities AFineLyneVessel built from single hull for the Mayor of Nante, France

The exhibit “Provocations: The Architecture and Design of Heatherwick Studio” was organized by the Nasher Sculpture Center and will be on view through January 3, 2016. Cooper Hewitt is located at 2 East 91st Street, on Fifth Avenue.

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