If you truly want to get to know someone, don’t ask them what their favorite food or movie is, ask them to show you their podcast list. It will come off as a very personal request and it should. We pick out our podcasts just as importantly as we pick our friends these days. With each subscribe button we press, we allow two or more people to enter our minds and talk to us interrupted (save for the occasional Mailchimp or Stamps.com ad) for an extended period of time. We trust them to give us information, analysis and of course, entertainment.

Last year, we listed our favorite NYC based podcasts and since then, the podcasting world has continued to expand. This year, we again list our 10 favorite NYC-based podcasts, with voices you’ll recognize and some we hope you will hear for the first time – plus are excited to announce that Untapped Cities will be launching its own podcast in 2016!

1. Another Round

In 2015, Buzzfeed decided to get into podcasting. They launched a few shows like Internet Explorer and Rerun, but it’s Another Round that has become the shining jewel of the Buzzfeed podcast catalogue. The hosts, Tracy Clayton and Heben Nigatu, both staff writers at Buzzfeed, give us a mixture of comedy and deep discussion. One minute they are cracking jokes about the latest pop-culture scandal, the next they are talking about what it’s like being women, black women in their profession and in America today.

The best example of this balancing act between funny and serious happened when they interviewed Hillary Clinton and ask the former Secretary of State, now Presidential candidate, if she ever sweats. But before you think the interview is just a fluff piece to make Secretary Clinton look good, the hosts ask questions about policies her husband made in the ’90s, and how it may have done damage to the black community. It’s moments like those that make good radio.

Recommend Episodes: Madam Secretary What’s Good?, Heben & Tracy’s Kwanzaa Spectacular, Lit like Bic.

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