Dasic-Danielle Mastrion-Lexi Bella-Case Mcclaim-Jerkface-Owen Dipple-Alex Diaz-Os Gemeos-JR-Tristan Eaton-Zes One-Street Art The Top 10 NYC Street Art Murals of 2015. 

2015 was a great year for street art in New York City. Once again artists from around the world and our own backyard have provided us with many unique, diverse, and beautiful works of art. These pieces are worthy of being shown in any museum in the world, but these artists, some of them world renowned, gave it to us for free. Some of these pieces you have seen before in our monthly and half-year round ups, a testament to their staying power. Others, you will be seeing here for the first time. Yes, these are ranked, but all of these pieces have upped the level of New York City works just that much higher. Here are the top 10 NYC street art murals of 2015.

10. Faith 47 in Williamsburg

Faith 47-Untapped Cities-Art-Street Art-Williamsburg-Brooklyn Faith 47 (Image via Instagram)

Whether you find love this year, or lost it, this piece by South African artist Faith 47 will trigger some kind of emotion whenever you come across it. We first talked about this wonderful piece back in August, informing you that the inspiration for this piece comes from the artist’s time in the clubs of South Africa, studying people and the way they interact. All these months later the same words come to mind whenever we found ourselves walking by this piece, beautiful,intimate and pure.

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