7. JR in Tribeca

JR-Untapped Cities-Art-Street Art-Lower Manhattan-NYCJR via Instagram 

JR had himself quite a busy 2015. From releasing a short film starring none other than Robert DeNiro, to putting 15 pieces of work around the city, encouraging us to walk around the city to find them, the French artist seems to always step up his game whenever he visits the Big Apple. With each passing year, JR’s impact on street art around the world and in NYC continues to grow. Why? As Aaron Burr once said of his friend turned rival Alexander Hamilton (in the musical at least), “Maaaan, the man is non-stop.”

Our favorite piece of his this year, in Tribeca, is of this elegant ballerina reaching up to the sky, almost as large as the building the artist pasted her on. We first discovered this piece back in August and as August heat turns into January chills, we still may stop and take a look at this whenever we’re in Tribeca, no matter the weather.

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