1. 2280 Andrews Avenue

Originally known as St. Andrews Court, this building in University Heights is a bit of an enigma. In sharp contrast to the Park Plaza Apartments, architecturally 2280 Andrews Avenue is for the most part a very ordinary building one wouldn’t give a second glance. All of its aesthetic flair is devoted to this extraordinary entryway, which is set back about 20 feet from the street in a light court. As a result, it seems like a hidden gem, particularly the first time one sees it, as it is not revealed until passing directly in front of it.

At Untapped Cities, we’ve urged urban explorers, don’t forget to look up and don’t forget to look down. But here’s one more – don’t forget to look sideways.

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2 thoughts on “10 Beautiful Apartment Entryways of the Bronx

  1. Having been born and raised in Brooklyn, the Bronx always seemed like a distant country. So sad to say I’ve only ventured into the Bronx a few times during my long life. To the zoo of course, and to the NYBG Train Show last year. Thanks for this wonderful look at the doorways in the Bronx.

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