7. 2041-2043 Holland Avenue

Who needs a fancy door when you have a stone arch and a landscaped courtyard?

This is another apartment complex near Pelham Parkway, an area that remained rustic until the early twentieth century when the extension of the subway system and creation of the parkway made it valuable real estate. Developers and their architects were able to work with larger properties here than were typically available downtown. This building, for example, sits on a 1.2-acre site that preserves some of the pre-urban ambiance.

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2 thoughts on “10 Beautiful Apartment Entryways of the Bronx

  1. Having been born and raised in Brooklyn, the Bronx always seemed like a distant country. So sad to say I’ve only ventured into the Bronx a few times during my long life. To the zoo of course, and to the NYBG Train Show last year. Thanks for this wonderful look at the doorways in the Bronx.

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