3. Queen Elizabeth II September 11th Garden, Hanover Square

Hanover Square, located downtown on Pearl Street, is named in tribute to the English House of Hanover, the family of King George I. Starting in 2005, the British royal family began the transformation of this park into a commemorative one, honoring the 67 British citizens who lost their lives on 9/11. Now known as the Queen Elizabeth II September 11th Garden, the park was built by English landscape designers Julian and Isabel Bannerman. There are two portions of stone from the United Kingdom in this park.

As the website for the garden describes, a “ribbon of Morayshire sandstone–quarried from the Highlands of Scotland–wraps around the horticulture. A geography lesson, the sandstone is inscribed with the shires of the British Isles – from Aberdeen to Portland. The ‘Braemar’ stone, worn smooth over the years by the rushing waters of the River Dee near HM The Queen’s home in Balmoral, sits in the South end of the Garden marking the distance from New York to Aberdeen.”