It was not a good day in New York City signage news yesterday. First, DNAInfo reported that the History Channel billboard that has become iconic on the Bronx skyline is on its way down. Then Curbed NY discovered via artist Steve ESPO Powers’ Instagram that the long-running art installation, Love Letter to Brooklyn, painted on the Macy’s skybridges in downtown Brooklyn was also on its way out.

Image Courtesy of Lori Zimmer, Art Nerd New York

Image Courtesy of Lori Zimmer, Art Nerd New York

The piece has been one of our favorite pieces of street art in the city and was a bright spot amidst downtown Brooklyn’s re-development. The phrases painted on the garage, including “Born Busy as a Brooklyn Bound B,” Made to Leave I am Made to Reutn,” “Euphoria is For You and Me,” and “Turn to Me, I See Eternity,” come from conversations Powers and his crew had with local residents.  The parking lot closed today and as Curbed NY reports, may become a new mixed-use development, a victim of its own success. But Powers, who now runs the shop Icy Signs (responsible for the fun Summer Street signs last year), is grateful. In one of his Instagram posts, he writes, “Thank you @chinobyi and @icysigns and @colossalmedia and @macys and most of all BROOKLYN for making me the man I am today.”


Feelings through the ceiling. thank you Brooklyn (blows kiss) A photo posted by Prose Appropos (@steveespopowers) on

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