Although the United Kingdom is one of the most visited countries in the world, and it seems like we know everything about it even without being there, there are still some things that are quite weird that you might notice

So today, team behind the Travel Ticker website are sharing top five things tourists from around the world found weird not only in London but also the whole United Kingdom. Check them out:

1. Pop-up urinals

Don’t get scared if at the day you walked down a simple street, but when you walk back home at night, there are urinals in the same street. They are the so-called pop-up urinals that made London famous. This great government initiative is super handy for people who like to party all night, or visit the city’s famous British pubs. So, don’t get scared if something comes up – it is all for your pleasure and convenience!

2. Tons of Indian food restaurants

It might seem like not such a big deal, but for some people, seeing that there are so many Indian food restaurants in London, is quite unusual. But there is a pretty good explanation. Love for Indian food is likely the result of British colonial history, but somewhat in jest an Indian food restauranteur once said that the United Kingdom was a perfect place to build an Indian food empire, considering the quality of British food. But to be fair, the British themselves are very fond of Indian restaurants. Maybe they just love some good curry?

3. London looks a lot like the United States

Sound a bit weird, but in fact, London is pretty similar to many cities in the United States. Some people are confident that London is the best mirror of what it is like to live in the USA. All the billboards, candy shops, various dressing styles and tons of advertisements wherever you look can make you think that you are standing in Times Square sometimes.

But given globalization and the ties between the UK and the United States, it’s not that surprising. The United States was originally settled as a colony of Britain, with waves of immigration both from the British Isles and Ireland, so some similarities (not to forget the English language) are pretty easy to spot and are quite natural because of the shared history and culture.

4. Small Fruits

One of the weirdest things you can hear from tourists about London is that here you can find many tiny fruits. As one visitor noticed, some fruits are two times smaller than the ones in the USA. Unlike America, bigger isn’t always better, and many of the smaller fruits come from ecological and Non-GMO farms.

5. “Fine”

For some people visiting Britain, it was strange to learn that sometimes the question “How are you?” in this country is likely to mean a greeting rather than asking about your wellbeing. If that is not enough, the answer to this question is only one if you want to be polite – “fine”. Every single question you are going to be asked in London should be answered only with “fine,” no matter your mood or the weather around. It is just the collective agreement and a good act of politeness.