A few years ago, we were given the chance to roam and photograph the TWA Flight Center with nobody in it (except our guide from the Port Authority and a security guard), in a push from the National Trust for Historic Preservation to convert the former terminal into a hotel. We’ve been excited to be part of that conversation, and the plans for the 505-room hotel by MCR Developments (the team behind the High Line Hotel) are now in public review stage. Great Big Story (h/t Curbed NY) also recently visited the TWA Flight Center to get a video of the interior.


In the video, you’ll not only see the more well-known main atrium and jet-age seating area (now overlooking the JetBlue terminal, but it once looked out right onto the runway), you’ll see the tunnel that Leonardo DiCaprio walked in Catch Me If You Can and the lesser-seen lounges. See a few selections of our photographs below:

TWA Flight Center_JFK Airport_New York City_Untapped Cities-16

TWA Flight Center_JFK Airport_New York City_Untapped Cities-24

TWA Flight Center_JFK Airport_New York City_Untapped Cities-29

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