5. The Star Tavern, Belgrave Mews West

Yet another mews pub in Belgravia, the Star Tavern on Belgrave Mews West, is a listed building where many strata of London society have gone for a drink.  It has a long and fascinating history, but is most famous (or infamous for) being the meeting spot for the gang of “gentlemen robbers” who carried out the Great Train Robbery.

The entrance to Belgrave Mews West is marked by an arch. Arches like this provided an attractive feature to distract from and partly block views of conditions in the mews from the main streets, so as to not spoil the classy character of this exclusive neighborhood.

The Star Tavern is a Fuller’s pub, featuring Fuller’s London Pride and other beers from the company.  The Fuller’s Brewery in Chiswick, West London has been operating since 1845 and offers public tours.

The Star Tavern, 6 Belgrave Mews West, London, SW1. Tube: Victoria