From the creative minds of Mark and Jay Duplass is a new animated show, Animals, on HBO premiering on February 5th, showing “unexpected tales of urban life” from the perspective of city animals. It seems hilarious already, but we’re particularly excited because the show is clearly set in New York City. Opening with a cat on a classic fire escape landing, the show goes into the life of the Central Park Horse carriages, the cockroaches in the subway, socializing in a dog park, and more. City shots in the trailer include an aerial of Central Park (albeit much squashed), the third section of the High Line pre conversion, the Queensboro Bridge and tramway, and the elevated train in what looks to be Long Island City.

The animals all speak, behaving in very human like ways –cats taking recreational prescription drugs or rats hosting a podcast – or in classic pet scenarios. Most likely the joke is on us humans – “the animals get revenge,” reads a teaser from HBO in November. The animal voices are by actors and personages like Jessica Chastain, Nick Kroll, Wanda Sykes, Kurt Vile, A$AP Rocky, and A$AP Ferg.




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