7. You Can See A Remnant of the Original Ziegfeld Theater Outside The Brownstone At 52 East 80th Street

Unfortunately, there are almost no remnants of the original Ziegfeld Theater facade that you can see on the streets of New York City today (though the contents of the cornerstone of the Ziegfeld Theatre are at the New York Public Library). However, there is at least one vestige that you can see-and it’s in the front yard of a private residence at 52 East 80th street, which you can see for yourself on Google Street View.

The remnant is the huge, decapitated head of a Greco-Roman goddess, which likely laid at the front of the Ziegfeld Theater. But just how did it get to the yard of a random home? According to the New York Times, theatrical producer Jerry Hammer, who once owned the brownstone, was driving past the Ziegfeld Theater in the 1960s with developer Zachary Fisher, who said he was going to tear it down. Hammer (jokingly, supposedly) asked if he could have one of the theater’s grand limestone heads. A few months later, he heard a crane lowering the head down into his yard. When he moved out in 1998, Hammer left the head behind