4. Enter the Machine, an Artistic Look at Our Inner Web-Life

With shapes and colors looking very much like a coral reef, it was a surprise to learn that we were looking at an ordinary computer hard drive, turned inside-out. Artist/programmer Eric Corriel makes its contents visible to the human eye in his exhibit, Enter the Machine. Using custom software, displaying his nine new styrene printed works in synchronized, pulsating light boxes, he explores humanity’s dance with technology. As we view the work, we know that he has uploaded the most intimate parts of someones personal life; in this case, his own. You’ll wonder what your hard drive might look visually in print and color – this is the artist’s intention.

The aptly-titled exhibit Enter the Machine explores the idea of giving a visual face to our stored lives, as he visually guides the viewer through his own personal computer. Enter the Machine will be on view through February 25 at Garis & Hahn, 263 Bowery.