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The Metropolitan Museum of Art, along with its many secrets, houses a wonderful collection of works aged from ancient times through the Renaissance, from sculptures to paintings and everything in between. Most notably though, the museum has a bona fide Egyptian temple – and a real one at that. The Temple of Dendur, as it’s called, is completely open to the public which means they can walk through its doors and hallways, experiencing the temple as it was used in ancient times. Here are eight fun facts about the Temple of Dendur.

1. It Took 10 Years to Move the Temple of Dendur to New York City

metropolitan_NY 8071885 photo of the temple in its original location. Image via

In 1965, the Egyptian government gifted the Temple of Dendur to the United States government which helped saving many Nubian monuments from drowning in the floods of Lake Nasser through the Aswan Dam project. Many monuments that were saved were simply dismantled and moved to higher ground but Dendur was disassembled and moved across the ocean in 661 crates on the S.S. Concordia Star. It took nearly 10 years for the complete temple to make it to New York City.

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