4. Largest Pipe Organ in New York City at St. Bart’s

The Aeolian-Skinner pipe organ at St. Bartholomew Church on Park Avenue and 51st Street in New York City is the largest organ in New York City, by number of pipes, and has been played by acclaimed pianists like Leopold Stokowski. The double organ made its debut in 1901 as a single organ designed by the Ernest M. Skinner Company of Boston. The organ was expanded starting in 1927 and improvements to the instrument continue into today. Today, it has 168 stops and over 12,000 pipes with organ blowers now located in a climate controlled room in the basement. Parts of the organ are placed throughout the church, including a section in the dome. The organ can produce sounds including, “ethereal celestes, colorful flutes, orchestral reeds, and brilliant trumpet,” describes the St. Bart’s website., where you can also read a long history of the pipe organ.