3. Penn Station Expansion

Image from Office of the Governor

Governor Cuomo unveiled $3 billion expansion plan for Penn Station earlier last month, part of a larger infrastructure proposal he’s calling “the biggest construction program” in New York State history. The current Penn Station, built in 1968 is completely underground with two levels of concourses and train platforms on the lowest level. When/if complete, the new Penn Station will be named the Empire State Station Complex with underground tunnels connecting to a future retail hub at the James A. Farley Post Office Building. The proposal hasn’t been updated since its reveal in January 2015, and renderings of the new entrance, though not overly architecturally interesting, will at least bring back natural light to the station. While some applauded the plan to relocate Madison Square Garden, not surprisingly, there have been critiques regarding the proposal’s shortcoming in dealing with the station’s ever-growing passenger volume. 

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