5. 2nd Avenue Subway

Image from MTA

The Second Avenue Subway (SAS) is a New York subway line that was first proposed as an Independent (IND) subway line in 1920. After decades of planning and delay, the SAS finally began construction in July 2007 and its first phase was scheduled to be opened on December 31, 2015. Obviously that was not realized. Currently, the MTA website announces that the first phase of the Second Avenue Subway in December 2016, running from 93rd Street to 63rd Street as an extension of the Q line, but there was already in December 2015 there was a “moderate risk of delay.” We’re still holding our breath for an opening this year, and while the SAS is supposed to go up to 125th Street and down to Hanover Square eventually, the planning for those later phases have also been slow to come.

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