Library Nomad Hotel-Library Book Bar-NYCAdd NewThe Library at the Nomad Hotel has two floors of books to drink with

There are plenty of pubs where literary legends have drunk, but we’ve tracked down the best bars with books in New York City, so you can endure the freezing weather with booze in one hand and a good read in the other. 

1. The Peacock, 24 E 39th St

The Peacock-Library Bar-The William-Murray Hill-Raines Law Room-NYC

Nestled inside The William Hotel is The Peacock restaurant, which specializes in British cuisine. It also has a rather nice Library Bar which has an air of refined literary elegance, well-stocked bookcases, generously upholstered couches and a fire. Get them to fix you a fortifying hot toddy, whilst you sink into E.B. White’s Here is New York.

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