Dog Parker-Dog Parking by the Minute-Brooklyn-NYCA Dog Parker in Park Slope

We’ve been seeing these Dog Parker boxes pop up in Brooklyn neighborhoods recently. Charged by the minute, and offered to members (like Zipcar or Citi Bike), the Dog Parkers have monitored temperature environments and web cam so you can watch your dog from afar while running errands. Dogs have to be at least 4 months old and up to date with its vaccinations. The “single-occupancy” doghouses are sanitized daily and cost $25/year in membership fees and $0.20 per minute.

Founder Chelsea Brownbridge, a Brooklyn resident, created them in response to city health regulations that prevent dogs from entering certain types of stores. In response to potential critics, Brownbridge tells Fox News that the Dog Parkers are meant for short trips. “We’re finding that our average trip is about 10 to 15 minutes. It’s a quick cup of coffee, it’s a quick run to the grocery store.” We’re not dog owners, so we can’t give an informed opinion about it, but the doghouses are insulated for warmth and have cooling fans for the warmer months, but are not available for use with the interior temperature goes below freezing or above 85 degrees.

As of yesterday, they had 5 locations but a Queens manufacturing is producing 100 Dog Parkers for the company this spring in anticipation of expansion. There are three sizes, all cost the same. Currently, Dog Parker is offering free memberships to Brooklyn residents.

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