6. Landmarked Fence: Bowling Green

Bowling Green Fence-Landmarked-Revolutionary War-Remnants of Dutch New Amsterdam Tour-Untapped Cities-Justin Rivers-Bowling Green-Wall Street-Downtown Manhattan-NYC_1

The fence at Bowling Green has been an important observer of the upheaval prior and during the American Revolution. The fence was originally constructed to protect the statue of George III at Bowling Green, which was subsequently knocked down by a mob of soldiers and civilians in 1776. The statue itself was torn down and the ornaments on the fence were ripped off and melted down for ammunition. Nonetheless, the designation report states, the fence “fared better than the statue,” and was repaired in 1786.

From 1914 to 1919, the fence was relocated to Central Park to accommodate the construction of the first subway line but was later rediscovered and returned back to Bowling Green.

Join us on a tour of the remnants of Dutch New Amsterdam in March or April, led by Untapped New York’ tour guide Justin Rivers, a playwright specializing in New York City history:

Tour of The Remnants of Dutch New Amsterdam