7. Landmarked Sidewalk Clocks

There are seven sidewalk clocks designated as New York City landmarks. While sidewalk clocks were once a dominant form of street furniture in the late 19th century (and often used as advertising), many have been lost to automobile accidents and sidewalk ordinances. Four of New York City’s landmarked sidewalk clocks are in Manhattan – in front of Eataly (the former Toy Center), in front of the Sherry Netherland Hotel, at 1501 Third Avenue, and at 522 Fifth Avenue. There are two in Queens, one at 16-11 Jamaica Avenue, thought to have been installed by Busch’s Jewelers and a Wagners Jewelers Clock at 30-78 Steinway Street. There is also one in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, the Bomelsteins Jewelers clock at 753 Manhattan Avenue.