Closed Worlds at Storefront for Art & Architecture Untapped Cities AFineLyneClosed Worlds at the Storefront for Art & Architecture. Image by Jinny Khanduja

The month of March kicks off with a whirlwind of artistic activities, beginning with The Armory Show and the moveable three-day art feast surrounding the event. Fasten your seat belts – here are 10 art exhibits, installations and events not to miss, plus a separate guide to the many art festivals returning this month for Armory Art Week.

1. Issa Genzken’s Two Orchids

Two Orchids-Public Art Fund AFineLyne Untapped Cities

At an entrance to Central Park on 60th Street and 5th Avenue, you can always count on a great art installation by the Public Art Fund. Installed on the Doris C. Freedman Plaza, is Two Orchids by German artist Isa Genzken. Genzken was the subject of a retrospective at The Museum of Modern Art in 2013.

The work here, featuring two enormous orchid flowers at 28 feet and 34 feet tall, is a commentary on the ubiquity of the once-rare and exotic flowers. The Public Art Fund describes as an “idealized, colossal version of the familiar plant: a civic monument to the perfect orchid, now the chosen ornament of contemporary culture…the mass-produced white orchid has become the quintessential flower of our age: global, accessible, and open to interpretation”