3. Hotel St. George Neon Sign

On the corner of the building at the intersection of Clark Street and Henry Street is a neon sign, for “LIQUOR STORE HOTEL ST. GEORGE.” The wine shop below it, “Michael-Towne Wine & Spirits” was first opened in 1934, and as the Town Wine & Spirits (before the merger with Michael Wines in Brooklyn Heights) was the 65th store to obtain a license to operate in New York State following the repeal of Prohibition. Today the red neon sign is somewhat obstructed by the ever-present scaffolding.

4. Remnants of the Grand Pool

Though the multi-story pool space has been converted into a gym, the original green tiled-columns and mosaics are still present, a discovery first reported by Scouting NY. Following Scouting NY’s article, a reader involved in the renovation revealed an even juicier remnant: the original pool still exists below the current one stating “The pool still exists. We were not allowed to nail, chip, or remove any part of the original pool complex. We ran sleepers (beams) across the pool and floor area and built the new floor on the sleepers. The new pool is suspended from this floor, set into the larger existing pool.”

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