The Newsstand-Lorimer-L Train-NYC-002The Newsstand at the MoMA

For about six months between June 2013 and January 2014, a pop-up “newsstand” was in action inside the Lorimer Street L subway station in Williamsburg. Taking the standard real-estate space for a newsstand, The Newsstand was a shop of a different sort selling records, independent magazines, clothing, and more. Now, this same installation by artist Lele Saveri is now at The Museum of Modern Art as part of the exhibit Ocean of Images: New Photography 2015.

As the museum description states, The Newsstand was also “part collaborative forum…a place of distributive authorship, involving the community through art-making events, the trade and circulation of images, and cultural discussion.” While The Newsstand was up, Saveri, the founder of 8 Ball Zines, an independent publisher and book fair, took photographs of over 600 commuters and put them on display on the walls of the installation. Commuters who found their photographs were invited to take their portraits with them.

Below are photographs we took of what The Newsstand looked when it was still in operation at Lorimer:

The Newsstand-Lorimer Street-Subway Station-Lele Saveri-Williamsburg-Brooklyn-NYC

The Newsstand-Lorimer Street-Subway Station-Lele Saveri-Williamsburg-Brooklyn-NYC-4

The Newsstand-Lorimer Street-Subway Station-Lele Saveri-Williamsburg-Brooklyn-NYC-5
The Newsstand-Lorimer Street-Subway Station-Lele Saveri-Williamsburg-Brooklyn-NYC-3
The Newsstand-Lorimer Street-Subway Station-Lele Saveri-Williamsburg-Brooklyn-NYC-2

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