Brooklyn Army Terminal-Annex Building-Renovation-NYCEDC-NYCPhoto courtesy NYCEDC

In anticipation of our upcoming Behind the Scenes NYC tour of the Brooklyn Army Terminal, we are pleased to share with you images from the newly renovated Annex Building, which was in a purely raw state on our tour last year. The Annex, previously the terminal’s administration building underwent a $15 million renovation to unveil 55,000 square feet of commercial and industrial space. Aimed at small and mid-sized businesses, the BAT Annex is connected to the main building by an enclosed walkway untouched for forty years, which remains in its original raw state.

Brooklyn Army Terminal-Annex Building-Renovation-NYCEDC-NYC-011Enclosed walkway. Photo courtesy NYCEDC.

On our upcoming tour, you will traverse this hallway, visit the newly renovated floors of the Annex, and explore the roof of the Brooklyn Army Terminal, which still has guard towers used in World War II.

Newly renovated floors of the Annex:

Brooklyn Army Terminal-Annex Building-Renovation-NYCEDC-NYC-007Photo courtesy NYCEDC

Brooklyn Army Terminal-Annex Building-Renovation-NYCEDC-NYC-006Photo courtesy NYCEDC

The Annex on the tour last year:

Brooklyn Army Terminal-Untapped Cities-NYCEDC-Tour-Will Ellis-Abandoned NYC=2

In addition, guests will view the famous atrium, where freight trains once pulled in to drop off goods. The Brooklyn Army Terminal was designed by Cass Gilbert, the architect behind other New York City landmarks like the Woolworth Building and the United States Custom House at Bowling Green. Elvis Presley went through the Brooklyn Army Terminal when he shipped off to serve in World War II. He gave press conferences on Pier 4 before embarking on his ship.

Brooklyn Army Terminal-Untapped Cities-NYCEDC-Tour-Will Ellis-Abandoned NYC-3

View from inside the BAT Annex:

Brooklyn Army Terminal-Annex Building-Renovation-NYCEDC-NYC-005Photo courtesy NYCEDC

Brooklyn Army Terminal-Annex Building-Renovation-NYCEDC-NYC-003Photo courtesy NYCEDC

Exterior views of the BAT Annex:

Brooklyn Army Terminal-Annex Building-Renovation-NYCEDC-NYC-002Photo courtesy NYCEDC

Brooklyn Army Terminal-Annex Building-Renovation-NYCEDC-NYC-001Photo courtesy NYCEDC

Tickets are limited for this sneak preview tour, which will take place on Wednesday March 26th at 6pm. We look forward to seeing you!

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 Brooklyn Army Terminal, NYC Economic Development Corporation

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