Bonus: The Congo Gorilla Forest Exhibit Is One Of The Largest Of Its Kind

The zoo’s Congo Gorilla Forest was one of the WCS’s most ambitious projects. Opening in 1999, it’s a 6.5 acre complex that focuses on the animals of Central Africa. The exhibit itself houses 400 animals of 55 different species, featuring mandrils, okapi, and one of the largest breeding groups of lowland gorillas in North America. In January 2015, two gorillas were born making the total number of gorillas at the zoo at nineteen.

What makes this exhibit special is the immersive experience it gives. It replicates the environment of the African rain forest, featuring several different climates, and tunnels for visitors to walk through. What’s most important though is that the proceeds from the ticket go directly to the WCS’s preservation efforts in Africa. Since its opening, the exhibit has raised $12.5 million in admission fees. It is one of the zoo’s most popular attractions.

Watch below to see the two baby gorillas make their zoo debut in 2015.

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