8. The Rockefeller Fountain was Moved from Lake Como

Even the Bronx Zoo was part of the city’s car-centric urban planning. The circle around the fountain was once used very actively for parking, as seen in this 1947 photo. The fountain itself was moved from the Piazza Cavou on Lake Como in Italy. The piazza was created atop landfill in 1860, and local sculptor Biaggio Catella designed the fountain – to much critique. Fun fact: the fountain used fresh water, instead of recycling it, and was a source of fresh drinking water. As such, other local fountains started experiencing water shortcomings. To add to the problems, the fountain began to lean, like Pisa, after just two decades.

Experiencing financial difficulties, the city of Como sold the fountain to an agent of William Rockefeller in 1901. It was donated to the zoological park, and originally placed in Bear Court. It was moved to its current location in 1910. Cars are still allowed there although there’s now more vegetation around the fountain to balance out the scene.