2. Ebbets Field

The current site of historical Ebbets Field, replaced by an apartment complex in 1962

The home of the historical Brooklyn Dodgers was demolished in 1960 just five years before the inception of the Landmarks Preservation Commission. The only preserved piece of the stadium was a portion of the original wall. In 1962 the Ebbets Field Apartments, an affordable housing complex, was completed and still exists today. The buildings are not under ownership of NYCHA, but are run by private developers. Under pressure from Mayor De Blasio to improve building conditions, the complex is undergoing renovation and has a new marketing campaign. Rental prices, seemingly high for the neighborhood and offering, range from $1,300 a month for studios to $2,500 for three bedrooms – prices people believe are driven by recent real estate pressure in the Crown Heights and Prospect Lefferts neighborhoods.