1. The Fragrance Garden Was The First One Built For The Visually Impaired

The Fragrance Garden is constructed in an oval-shaped space, 60ft by 100ft to let visitors come into close proximity with the plants. 

Designed by Alice Recknagel Ireys in 1955, the Fragrance Garden was the first garden in the whole of the United States to be built for the visually impaired where visitors are encouraged to touch and smell the plants which grow in raised beds to allow easy access for those in wheelchairs. The labels that identify the species of plants are also written in braille.

The garden is arranged into four main beds. Plants for Touch allows visitors to explore the differences in textured leaves, Plants With Scented Leaves release aromas when visitors gently rub the leaves and smell their fingers, Fragrant Flowers are on display during the midsummer, and Kitchen Herbs lets visitors smell culinary plants such as basil, chives, chocolate peppermint, dillm and sage.

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